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What is the expected cut-off for IMT Ghaziabad?

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Does any body have idea about CAT cut-off for IMT Ghaziabad? wat was the cut-off last year?
Avatar Image asked Jan 7, 2012 in MBA Colleges by (550 points)  
around 96 percintile at the lowest end

6 Answers

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It is expected to around 94 percentile to be precise based on my observation for a last few years.
Avatar Image answered Jan 7, 2012 by Ditesh Verma (2,825 points)  
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My guess -> 90-95 percentile.
Avatar Image answered Jan 7, 2012 by (765 points)  
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Last year there was lot of chaos in IMT's admission process. CAT cut off was 95+ %le for ghaziabad ampus . Last year they had this online virtual interview as first stage of admission process and it proved to be a big disaster. Most of the guys could not record their responses properly. After that their were issues with Interview slot changes. For many Interview dates were clashing with that of other institutes but they refused to change them. Finally they gave admisison to students who dint even turn up for the interview to their IMT Hyderabad campus.
Avatar Image answered Jan 10, 2012 by (805 points)  
i heard they used something like vmock for interview process. Didnt know it was a disaster
A slight correction, it was 94.xx for IMT Ghaziabad campus
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Last year the cut off was 94.XX but predicting a fall of 1-2%tile it can come down to 93-94
Avatar Image answered Jan 13, 2012 by Abhishek Mukherjee Moderator (3,620 points)  
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I have Received CAT Score 84.15%. which institute will be fair enough for this score??

answered Jan 12, 2013 by anonymous  
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My CAT score is 94.86, I am in for the admission.

answered Mar 22, 2013 by anonymous  

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