Uttrakhand disaster

It’s a true adage to say that no one can posses the power to control absolute being and his raze. The God again showed his wrath to annihilate humans and their hominid activity which were indeed invading the secrecy of nature. Presently, the sphere of antagonism included all regions of Uttrakhand under the course of devastation. Around 1000 died and many people are still missing but the horror of hysterical rain still continued to show its vim. Major areas which got affected because of cataclysmic calamity are kedarnath- famous pilgrimage, Uttarkashi , Rudraprayag – a small village so close to kedarnath, got totally vanished.

June 16th – this date has already got scripted in the history of India as a “black day”. Many people are still missing, many of them got die, and some people don’t even have mark of their existence. This desolation and abrupt phenomenon of obliteration included all inside its fence of killing. The god actually shown all, how to follow “tit for tat” as humans and their selfish activity invaded the ‘stabilization sphere’ of absolute being ; god invaded ours.

How the god could make a string of unforeseen upshots?

Do you agree or not? With the point that – “we baffled the god balance conformity, god did the same with humans”?


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  1. Interesting article but you assume that for god and nature . human exists and that is quite a big statement to make as for all we know.. human is just a living form on earth and do they care. Its like talking of ant colonies and what we think of it and what ant worries about human walk!!!!

    Frankly nature moves at its own pace and style and for it, humans dont even exist. we can make all claims but somebody was there at wrong time wrong place. There are tons of nature movements and it goes on … so I think it just happened. thats all

  2. thanks for your appreciation. your answer is quiet neutral as all the destruction that took place, all happened by its own under the sphere of nature. but humans are not less to be get tagged as an invader.nice thought but don’t you think we are exploiting nature and its natural flow?

  3. Yes Human development is increasing by leaps of bound but does nature care …

    I think human is exploiting nature but nature but very difficult to say where does that stop !!!

  4. I completely agree with author.. As human we are stretching our capabilities too far and tinkering with nature too deep and some innocent victims are paying the cost of exploitation by others … unfortunately this cycle will go on till nature itself establish order

  5. I completely agree with the words Amit Sharma has said.its just a game of scapegoatism. nowadays,an idiom ” an innocence has nothing to fear” is just a sentence made of few words ergo have no value in actual . In reality the “bowl of creatures” is full now so interfering the secrecy of nature will make the bowl to boil in the agony of humans.about this part of god’s decision ,humans were aware from the past many years.Now, its human’s wish whether they want to survive or they want themselves to be flourish in the ocean of wrath.

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