IIM Ranchi has issued admission policy for its upcoming batch 2012-14. Admissions will be based on the performance of candidates in the CAT, Personal Interview & Written Analysis (PI & WA) and also on overall profile of the candidates. The PI & WA process will be common to all the six new IIMs, namely, Ranchi, Rohtak, Raipur, Tiruchirapalli, Udaipur and Kashipur. The cut-off CAT percentiles, weigtage for different components and the profile scoring method are given below

I. Initial Shortlising for WA / PI Process
An initial shortlist shall be prepared of candidates who would be eligible for WAT / PI process for admission to the PGP 2012-14 batch of IIM Ranchi. This list would be purely based on CAT performance and is expected to be announced around Mid January.
The cut-off percentile CAT scores for consideration for admission to IIM Ranchi is given in the Table below

Category Section 1 Section 2 Overall
General   70 70 90
SC 60 60 75
ST 50 50 65
NC-OBC 65 65 85
PWD 55 55 70

It must be noted that every eligible candidate as per Table 1, may or may not find a place in the short-list. The above cutoff percentile figures are just indicative and actual CAT percentile cutoffs are expected to be close to the cutoff for previous years. The shortlisted candidates of all the six IIMs will be merged to make a combined short-list for further processing.
The criteria given in Table 1 will be used to rank the students in different categories (General, NC-OBC, SC, ST and PWD) and for shortlisting of candidates based on ranking within categories for further processing.
The candidates eligible for WA & PI process for IIM Ranchi shall also have to fill an online profile form which will be used for further evaluation.
II. PI & WA Process:
Personal interviews and written analysis are planned to be conducted at five different centres namely Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai and Bangalore. The exact dates for PI & WA will be communicated to shortlisted candidates in due course of time.
The common PI & WA for the six new IIMs will be coordinated by IIM Ranchi. For any clarifications regarding centers or change of centers, write to admissions@iimranchi.ac.in.
III. Final Admissions 2012
After the PI & WA process is over, admission offers would be announced at the IIM Ranchi website on the basis of a merit list. This consolidated merit list (CML) would be compiled on the basis of following components and their corresponding weights:
Component –       Weightage
CAT Score –                40%
PI & WA Score –        40%
Profile –                        20%
The details of the above mentioned components are mentioned as below:
(a) CAT Percentile: 40 percent weightage is assigned to the CAT scores of the candidates who are eligible for PI & WA. The normalized score will be converted converted to marks out of 40 and used while preparation of the consolidated merit list (CML).
(b) PI & WA Score : Personal Interview and Written analysis (PI & WA) scores of the eligible of the six new IIMs who are common with IIM Calcutta (IIMC) will be directly collected from IIMC. Efforts are on to get this arrangement extended to a few other established IIMs too. Only the rest of the candidates need to appear for the Common Personal interview and Written Analysis of the six new IIMs.
(c) Profile: The short-listed candidates would fill an online profile form and also bring a printed copy of the same for verification during personal interview. The profile scoring methodology for IIM Ranchi is given below.

Profile Out of 20 -  Marks
Academic Profile 10
Work Experience 5
Extra Curricular Activities 5

Academic Profile (10 Marks)

Evaluation based on academic background including medals for scholastic performance in school and colleges.

85 and above 75–85 % 65-75% Less than 65%
HSC   3 2 1 0
SSC 3 2 1      0


National / International State/District Intra-School/ IntraCollege
Olympiad 2 1 0
Scholarship 2 1 0
Merit Certificate 2 1 0
NTSE Scholar 2 Marks

The total will be reduced to 10 if it exceeds 10. Work Experience (5 Marks)

Duration of Work Experience Maximum Marks
Less than 6 Months 0
6 to 12 Months 1
12 to 18 months 2
18 to 24 months 3
24 to 30 months 4
30 to 36 months 5
Greater than 36 months 3

Allocation of marks, during PI, will be based on the check for relevance with educational background and the profile of the company worked in.
Co-curricular Achievements (5 marks)

National/State District/University/ Inter-College Intra-School/ Intra-College Intra Class / Department
Class Leader / Council Leader /  Other Position of Responsibility 2 1 1 0
Achievements in co-curricular activities* 3 2 1 0



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